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Rip Morgan


First pro wrestling match in 1981 as 'Rip Morgan' with then promoter Steve Rickard of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). At that time the NWA World champion was the great 'Harley Race'.

During 1981-84 Rip won the NZ Heavyweight Championship Title in a knock-out tournament beating Samoan Joe on the popular TV series On the Mat

Some of his toughest opponents:

  • Harley Race.
  • Mark Lewin.
  • Bruiser Brody.
  • Kerry and Kevin Von Erich.
  • Ricky (The Dragon) Steamboat.
  • Carlos Colon.
  • Wild Fire Tommy Rich.
  • Pedro Morales.
  • Mighty Igor.
  • Jimmy Valiant (The Boogie Woogie Man).
  • Giant Baba.
  • The Fabulous Ones.
  • Antonio Inoki.
  • Tatsumi-Fuji Nami.
  • Dr Death Steve Williams.
  • The Fantastics.
  • The Road Warriors.
  • The Steiner Brothers.
  • The Midnight Express.
  • Lex Luger &