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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     T-Rex

Height:    6' / 183 cms

Weight:    242.5 lbs / 110 kgs

From:     Queenstown, the South Island

Championships Held:     

Trademark Moves:   
shoulder block
absorbing a prodigious amount of physical punishment



Notable Feuds:
Marcus Kool (his mentor)


A young man of such awesome bitterness that he believes smoothies are over-rated, the so-called "Grumpasorous" emerged from Marcus Kool's Queenstown-based wrestling school as a star pupil with a bad attitude.  Angry with the world in general, T-Rex parlays that fury into in-ring power and aggression which would give the most seasoned wrestler pause for thought.

Seeking to break out of the shadow of his mentor, Marcus Kool, both teacher and student tangled in Tauranga in January 2012.  T-Rex put on a fine show of power, but found himself struggling against his mentor's speed, agility and experience.  Goaded into a fury when Kool felt that T-Rex was holding back and not displaying his full intensity, T-Rex then "unleashed the beast" against his teacher, but narrowly  came up short.

However, you'd be a fool to discount the man's youth, pedigree and sheer fury - look for T-Rex to make a dinosaur-sized impact in KPW!