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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     Tank

Height:    5' 5" / 165 cms

Weight:    212 lbs / 96 kgs

From:     Morrinsville, Waikato, by way of Australia

Championships Held:     
KPW Tag Team Championship (with The Technician) (May 2009 - current)

Trademark Moves:   
flying headbutt
closed fist

Electric chair drop

Notable Feuds:
most NZ wrestlers


Opponents who notice that Tank is a little shorter than the average wrestler soon note that he is markedly wider than the average wrestler, and the extra girth certainly isn't made up of flab!  Stocky, powerful and vicious, the "pocket battleship" of KPW seems purpose built for grappling.  If his physical prowess hadn't already made him a formidable opponent, his determination and brutality would.

Entering into the professional wrestling business in Australia after seeing an advertisement calling for prospective wrestlers, Tank brought his grappling martial arts background learned in cage fighting championships into a new arena.  Already having trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu for 18 years (achieving the rank of second dan), Tank entered into the Australian professional wrestling scene under the tutelage of  George "the Hitman" Julio.  Already an Australian legend, George Julio runs a tight ship and Tank found the pro wrestling training even tougher than training for cage fighting!

Nevertheless, Tank persisted and eventually managed to carve out a good 12 years in the Australian wrestling scene, primarily in the Gold Coast area, wrestling for such Australian professional wrestling companies as NAW, MPW and PWA.  It is this experience that Tank brings to the ring which makes him - in part - such a tough opponent.

Eschewing the high-flying style for a more mat-based approach, Tank is the first to admit that he comes from the "old school" and offers less flying and more impact to opponents.  In the man's own words, "Showing off's for circus bunnies!"  He certainly enjoys a good brawl in the ring, but the thing enjoys the most is angering his opponents and the fans with his villainous tactics and aggression - by his own admission, it makes him smile!  If Tank doesn't have the entire crowd hating him by the end of his match, he feels he hasn't done his job!

Never afraid to use his shining pate as a devastating weapon, Tank is one wrestler that most on the KPW roster would rather avoid than lock up with!