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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     The Brute

Height:    5'11" / 180cm

Weight:    220lbs / 100kg

From:     A maximum security daycare facility

Championships Held:     

Trademark Moves:   

Brute Force (double-handed chokebomb)

Nurse Payne


Trained by his father Shane O'Rourke - who wrestled as "The Crucifier" - the Brute is a second generation wrestler who brings a "no fear" attitude to the KPW roster and uses some not-so-legal moves passed on to him by his father.

The Brute is wheeled to the ring in a straitjacket by his attendants, accompanied by the lovely Nurse Payne, as much for his protection as the audience's!

As a subject of experimental "positive associational" therapy, the Brute can be kept calm by focusing on his "lovely one" - a small soft toy possessed by the lovely Nurse Payne. In the right hands, this seemingly harmless little doll can serve to temper the Brute's wild rages and keep him calm enough to focus on the job at hand - usually battering an opponent!

Wrestles as part of his occupational therapy. In the ring, he only has two settings - "brutal" and "vicious"! Able to use a wide variety of powerful moves to incapacitate opponents. Never the most articulate of wrestlers, the Brute prefers to do his talking in the ring!

However, there is method in his apparent madness - his violent, brutal appearance makes it easy for people to forget that the Brute is a second generation wrestler with a grappling martial arts background, making him a first class threat!