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Wrestler - Profile

Name:     Whetu 'The Moari Warrior'

Height:    5' 8" / 173 cms

Weight:    190lbs / 86kgs 

From:    Rotorua, New Zealand

Championships Held:     
KPW Championship (beat the Technician at "Halloween Howl 6" in October 2012; later forced to vacate title)

Trademark Moves:   
An amazing array of aerial manoeuvres

Utu (swinging bulldog)

"Powerhouse" Jade Diamond (tag team partner)
Mr Juno Huia (technical advisor)

Notable Feuds:
The Renegades (Kade Morgan "3G" and The Technician)
The Technician


A graduate of the KPW "Wild4Wrestling" training school, Whetu caught the eye of the original Maori Warrior, Mister Juno Huia.  Whetu made his debut at KPW's AfterBlaster in July 2008 in the Battle Royal for the Number One Contendership.

Whetu has embraced his Maori warrior heritage to take the fight to all those who stand between him and his dreams of KPW glory.  He brings raw athletic potential, a sharp mind and a vicious nature to the ring.  The Maori Warrior is a quick learner and all set to quickly teach his opponents to fear him.

Tag team career

One of the up-and-coming stars of KPW, Whetu formed the maroro tihi ("mighty team") tag team in early 2009 with Jade Diamond to challenge for the vacant KPW Tag Team Championship.  Though they had to go through two other teams to get to the finals of the tournament, they were narrowly beaten by the Renegades (Kade Morgan "3G" and The Technician) who had managed to get a bye to the finals.  Nevertheless, the maroro tihi remained top challengers for the KPW Tag Team Championship.

Solo career

Striking out on his own in a solo career, Whetu battled the Technician for the KPW Championship on a number of occasions.  Though he often came close, the Technician's cheating ways ensured that it was seldom a fair fight.  At "Bays Wrestlefest" in January 2012, Whetu had the Technician beat; however, the Technician managed to retain the KPW Championship via disqualification after tricking the referee into thinking that Whetu had struck the champ with the KPW Championship belt.

At KPW "Mayhem" in May 2012, Whetu put his mana up against the Technician's prized hair.  Despite the KPW Championship not being on the line, Whetu fought the math of his life and managed to beat his long-time foe to take the Technician's hair.  Whetu's destiny was made at "Halloween Howl 6" in October 2012 where he finally got the Technician one-on-one on a level playing field.  With the fans behind him, Whetu managed to beat the Technician in the biggest how of the year to capture the KPW Championship!  

In October 2013, Whetu was forced to vacate the KPW Championship; he was not able to fulfill his contractual obligations to defend the championship due to outside commitments.  Nevertheless, Whetu remains on hand to thrill the fans and compete in the ring!