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Zac Corona



The Office in Wellington, New Zealand


5' 8" / 173cm


143 lbs / 65 kg


- "Calling for the bell"

Trademark Moves:

- Maintaining order in the KPW ring
- Enforcing the rules
- Putting himself in harm's way


KPW Management

Notable feuds:

- Any rule-breaking wrestlers on the KPW roster


Not the biggest referee in KPW by any stretch of the imagination, Zac Corona nevertheless brings a lot to the ring as part of the famous "Corona" refereeing dynasty. With that pedigree on his side, Zac impressed the trainers at the KPW "Wild 4 Wrestling" training school with his dedication and determination.

Graduating to work in the crucible of a KPW wrestling ring, in many ways Zac Corona was "thrown in at the deep end". However, it's been a case of swimming rather than sining for the newest (and smallest) ref on the roster. Zac Corona has surprised fans and rule-breaking wrestlers alike with his passion for getting right up in the combatants' faces and fearlessly enforcing the rules. Zac's love for professional wrestling is easy to see, as he throws himself into any task with infectious enthusiasm and dedication, stepping up to any challenge that KPW management (and rule-breaking wrestlers) set for him!