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Last week

  • Kade Morgan "3G" stole a victory from Whetu, the Maori Warrior
  • Inferno (with manager Charlie Roberts) retained the KPW Championship against challenger Chris Delorean.

This week



Also backstage...




Singles match: The Brute (with Nurse Payne) versus Max "the Axe" Damage

Winner: Max Damage with the Damage Gauge for the win by pinfall.


"Backstage Pass" with Ilex Bell

Coming up next week...

  • In tag team action, Whetu the Maori Warrior and "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond take on Irishman Mike Ryan and "The Fixation" Jimmy Fox.

For KPW's "Off The Ropes", this is Blair "the Flair" saying, "See you at ringside!"