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Last week:

  • Chris Delorean showed Jimmy Fox why he's the "Neon Knight", besting him in singles competition
  • Inferno showed KPW why he's a top contender by conclusively beating Lazarus Volt
  • Both champion H-Flame and challenger Inferno showed they were ready for the upcoming KPW Championship match.

This week



Off The RopesWinner: Kade Morgan "3G" with the gourdbuster for the win by pinfall.



Also backstage...

Manager Charlie Roberts psyched-up the already psycho Inferno for the upcoming KPW Championship match against the defending H-Flame, intending to be the culmination of a two-year masterplan.


KPW Championship match: Inferno (with Charlie Roberts) versus KPW Champion H-Flame

Winner (and NEW KPW Champion