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Episode One

Transmission Date:

Sun 15 November 2009

Episode recap:

Sunday 15 November 2009 marked a historic day for Prime Television and New Zealand professional wrestling as "Off The Ropes" marked the return of kiwi professional wrestling to free-to-air television for the first time in twenty-five years!

The show began with KPW CEO Rip Morgan and his right-hand man Mr Rumble discussing KPW Champion H-Flame's achievements, in particular having remained undefeated KPW Champion for almost three years.  They also looked at the calibre of competition that H-Flame  could potentially face for the title, especially the unhinged, driven nature of Inferno and his manager Charlie Roberts.  Mr Rumble picked out the biggest man in New Zealand professional wrestling Max "the Axe" Damage as the one to watch.  Before they left the office to go to the ring, Mr Rumble delivered his Fire Safety Message to Rip Morgan: make sure to turn all the electrical equipment off.

In the ring...

Inferno stomped to the ring accompanied by his manager "the Ayotollah of High Rollas" Charlie Roberts.  The bitter Inferno angrily called out H-Flame.  Showing no fear, the KPW Champion came out to offer some rebuttal, saying they would meet for the KPW Championship only when he felt the "time was right"!


The new intern Suki Gogo met the indifferent and arrogant Queen Hollie, who wasted no time in putting the blue-haired, bespectacled intern to work in the most humiliating manner possible!

Singles match: The Technician versus "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond

Ref: Daniel Martins

The crowd was firmly on the side of the "Powerhouse", not caring for the Technician's arrogant attitude at all.  Though the Technician was wearing Tag Team Championship gold around his waist, this match was a chance to prove that he could still bring his extensive amateur wrestling background to prevail in singles competition.  Finding he couldn't match strength with the Powerhouse, The Technician resorted to cheap shots, but found out that Diamond could both fly and take the fight straight to him.  The Technician showed his technical acumen with a variety of high impact moves, but an error in judgement allowed  Diamond to take control and eventually hit the Overload (swingout uranage) for the pinfall win. Diamonds can cut through glass and Jade Diamond certainly cut through The Technician!

Winner: "Powerhouse" Jade Diamond with the Overload for the win by pinfall.

KPW Championship match: Team Pretty (Jonnie Juice and Queen Hollie) versus KPW Champion H-Flame

Ref:  Mark Freemantle

These two had tangled time and time before, so this was Juice's big chance to capture the gold. The two exchanged holds and counters, Jonnie Juice attempting to "fake out" the champ with his expert ring psychology.  As usual, Queen Hollie interfered on behalf of her Team Pretty team-mate.  The champ had certainly brought his "A" game, and as usual Juice's offense was marked by his sheer desperation, even flying to the outside!  In the end, H-Flame managed to block an attempt at the Butterfly Effect and hit the Nuke (sunset flip powerbomb) for the win by pinfall to retain the championship.

Winner (and still champion):  H-Flame with the Nuke for the win by pinfall to retain the KPW Championship.


The villainous KPW GM Terry the Golden Greek joined forces with the vicious Irishman Mike Ryan, promising him a title match next week.  Mike Ryan shook on it, and an unholy alliance was formed!

For KPW's "Off The Ropes", this is Blair "the Flair" saying, "See you at ringside!"